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All Gujarat Innovation Society (GIS) has been registered under Indian Trust Act, 1882, in our endeavour to promote INNOVATION at every level in Gujarat, with blessing and guidance from Visionary Leader Hon Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi, GUJARAT INNOVATION SOCIETY took birth.
It was on April 15th 2011; Hon Minister Shri Saurabh Patel in presence of Young Innovators along with more than 300 prominent Citizens launched GIS. We at GIS understand that `SELF OATH' from an Individual for ONE INNOVATION in a Year will help create Knowledge Based Society.
Gujarat Innovation Society, at the beginning of Seventh year is known for INNOVATION and INNOVATIVE ACTIVITY – at Education Institutions, Industries and at Government. GIS has received tremendous support from all across the Society – MNC, Corporate, Institutions, Individuals and Government of Gujarat and Government of India. Gujarat Innovation Society (GIS) is working for creating a Culture of Innovation through organizing various awareness programmes such as Lecture, Conference, Symposium, Open house, Round Table discussions, Seminars and Workshops at Academics and Industry level.
GIS is strive to work towards Developing, Promoting and Inculcating the whole new culture of INNOVATION in day to day life of every individuals with a focus on – Professional Student of Post Graduate, Graduate and Under Graduate Students along with Micro Small and Medium enterprise.
The journey so far has facilitated more than 1.5 lac individuals for Self Oath. In last 6 years, at number of platform, people come forward and share their Innovation and Habit of Innovation through the SELF OATH. This is certainly a great transformation GIS is witnessing in the Society.


Sunil Shah, Chairman
Bhavin Parikh
Devang Mehta
Jatin Trivedi
Shaunak Shah
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