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GIS Awards: GIS celebrate the talent of an individual or an organisation; who create a new path way through their Innovation or Innovative act or process in society to establish them as Roll Model to encourage fellow students, individual or entrepreneur across Gujarat. This fulfill the motive of GIS inculcating the culture of Innovation.

GIS Focus sector for Awards


  • Agriculture / Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Engineering/Manufacturing
  • IT/ITeS/ IOT/Technology
  • Fashion
  • Construction


  • Social Service
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Thought for a cause


  • Policy
  • Contribution to society
  • Development

    Business Model

  • Entrepreneur
  • Management Model
Award Cup

Nomination Open: 15th April, 2019 to 15th July, 2019

Gujarat Ratna

A Life for Innovation: He/She must be a Gujarat resident and constantly involved in Innovation and its promotion for more than a decade. The individual recognized for Innovation at National/ International platforms will be preferred.


1: NO NOMINATIONS. GIS Board and opinion/inputs from previous Gujarat Ratna/’s.

Number of Award:- 1

Previous Awardees


Individual/Organization must be remarkably working towards innovating in his/her field as an Innovator for more than a decade, and should have achieved significant milestone in shortest time period as per industry standards. An activity/ project work done in Gujarat is preferred.


1: Individual/Organization. NO Student.
2: The Innovation (create impact / effect) on larger society OR your Innovative achievement itself a milestone to create a history which is beyond Industry Standard.

Number of Award:- 2

Previous Awardees


Individual / Organization which has been awarded by GIS as “Trend Setter”. Their activities should achieve new heights, continuity of Innovation on sustainable base after winning the award. It is a way to create a legacy for “Trend Setter”.


1: Innovators who received "GIS Trend Setter Award" earlier.

Number of Award:- 2

Previous Awardees


Individual/Organization must be a doer. They take responsibility for auctioning their ideas. It is a way of creating a pathway to leave their mark.


1: Individual/Organization
2: Innovation which chart a new footprints to inspire others and able to serves the society at large

Number of Award:- 10

Previous Awardees

Nominations Closed

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